Second Language Acquisition In the age of the global village and the world wide web understanding the way in which people learn languages is of ever increasing importance This book makes the essentials of this rapidly expanding

  • Title: Second Language Acquisition
  • Author: Rod Ellis H.G. Widdowson
  • ISBN: 9780194372121
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the age of the global village and the world wide web, understanding the way in which people learn languages is of ever increasing importance This book makes the essentials of this rapidly expanding area of study accessible to readers encountering it for the first time.

    • UNLIMITED BOOK è Second Language Acquisition - by Rod Ellis H.G. Widdowson
      Rod Ellis H.G. Widdowson

    About "Rod Ellis H.G. Widdowson"

    1. Rod Ellis H.G. Widdowson

      Professor Rod Ellis is Professor in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand He has worked in Zambia, the UK, Japan, and the U.S.A for extended periods He has published a number of books on second language acquisition and teacher education He has also published EFL ESL textbooks His main interest lies in the application of second language theory and research to language teaching.He is co author of Analysing Learner Language, and author of Second Language Acquisition, SLA Research and Language Teaching, The Study of Language Acquisition, which won the English Speaking Union s Duke of Edinburgh Book Competition, Understanding Second Language Acquisition, which won the BAAL Book Prize, and Task based Language Learning and Teaching, all published by Oxford University Press.

    589 thoughts on “Second Language Acquisition”

    1. I liked this best of the two SLA books I m reading, but still full of duh information Still, I suppose we all need a reminder of even the most duh of information.

    2. Short, concise overview of topics in second language acquisition Gave me exactly what I needed a quick overview of the topic I would have preferred a longer Survey section the overview and less in the Readings section, but that s just me.

    3. A brief introduction to many important aspects of SLA Good way to refresh what you already know References are cut out for easy reading, though it would have been better if specific references were included in the main text.

    4. Ellis provide a comprehensive understanding of Second Language Acquisition SLA theories It is a MUST READ for linguist who specialized in SLA major.

    5. Very short introduction, mostly written from a generative perspective, other theories are not dealt with or not discussed in depth, some information is outdated

    6. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 9 27 2013 80minutes7 word summary second language acquisition target input studies childDiscussion QuestionWhy is the study of SLA needed for us I think that using than two languages are important for communication all around the worldbecause internationalization is expanding now Moreover, it leads to earn much money finally.Therefore, the study is useful when learners learn languages.This book tells you the outline of second language acquisition There are too many facto [...]

    7. A wonderful succinct introduction to a plethora of paramount aspects of SLA Prof Ellis has always left me with food for thought intriguing questions from this gripping book are I believe as follows 1 Does instruction that emphasises input processing work better than instruction which emphasises output production 2 Does strategy use result in learning or does learning increase learners ability to employ strategies p 78 3 not enough is known about which strategies and which combinations of strate [...]

    8. A good basic overview of theories and approaches to SLA Chapters 7 9 will be the most applicable to language teachers the bibliography seemed a little small, and many of the sources were journal articles that most people will be unable to access without paying for them.

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