Traveling Light Travel light and you can sing in the robber s face was the best advice Summer Zwolenick ever received from her father though she didn t recognize it at the time Three years after the accident that en

  • Title: Traveling Light
  • Author: Katrina Kittle
  • ISBN: 9780061451379
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • Travel light and you can sing in the robber s face was the best advice Summer Zwolenick ever received from her father, though she didn t recognize it at the time Three years after the accident that ended her career as a ballerina, she is back in the familiar suburbs of Dayton, Ohio, teaching at a local high school But it wasn t nostalgia that called Summer home It was Travel light and you can sing in the robber s face was the best advice Summer Zwolenick ever received from her father, though she didn t recognize it at the time Three years after the accident that ended her career as a ballerina, she is back in the familiar suburbs of Dayton, Ohio, teaching at a local high school But it wasn t nostalgia that called Summer home It was her need to spend quality time with her brother, Todd, and his devoted partner, Jacob Todd, the golden athlete whose strength and spirit encouraged Summer to nurture her own unique talents and follow her dream, is in the final stages of a terminal illness In a few short months, he will be dead leaving Summer only a handful of precious days to learn all the lessons her brother still has to teach her from how to love and how to live to how to let go.Traveling Light is the deeply moving debut novel from Katrina Kittle, the acclaimed author of The Kindness of Strangers an unforgettable story of love, bonds, and promises that endure longer than life itself.

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      Hello Welcome to my GoodReads profile, fellow book lover People have teased me that my reviews are all so high that I don t seem very critical like a teacher who gives out all A s Let me explain First of all, life is too short to finish a book I don t love, and I d never, ever review a book I hadn t finished Secondly, I feel much comfortable recommending works I admire than I do criticizing something I didn t There Just so ya know I m the author of three novels, with a fourth, THE BLESSINGS OF THE ANIMALS, scheduled for release from HarperCollins on August 3, 2010 I keep a blog on my website katrinakittle I hope you ll check it out You can also follow me on Twitter or join my Facebook fan page.Happy Reading

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    1. I rarely read a book that I know will make me cry But because I ve read all of Kittle s other books, I thought I d give her first one a try The good news is that I didn t cry until the end The bad news is that I sobbed But the tears were worth it I fell in love with the characters oddly though, the one I felt the least tied to was the narrator and the subject matter was intense, but written about in such a way that I was compelled to not put the book down AIDS is always a tragic subject, but eve [...]

    2. This book shoulder have been good it had a moving premise, a worthy message, and nice, unadorned prose but instead it was condescending, preachy, and flat I disliked it so much, I actually cancelled the class I d read it for and took a different one instead.Here s why The protaganist, Summer, was competely unlikeable For a book about tolerance, she was incredibly judgemental of her boss and co workers, of her students, of her battered sister, of her dying concentration camp survivor grandmother [...]

    3. Such a beautiful heart wrenching story of love and life Kittle shows that love comes in many forms It s all beautiful Read this with an open mind and an open heart And keep the tissue box handy

    4. I wasn t sure what to expect from Traveling Light, but I wasn t expecting how much I d enjoy it, especially knowing the topic Summer has returned home to live with her ailing brother Todd and his partner, Jacob Back in her hometown teaching English, she s confronted by her past success as a ballerina, ruined by an accident Todd still has much to teach her about living and loving, and he s not afraid to use his death to teach her that risking love is worth it I was worried that I d be a sobbing m [...]

    5. This by far is one of the best books I have ever read The relationships between Todd Jake, Todd Summer, Jake Summer are so gutwrenchingly beautiful you don t want to put the book down As sad as this book should have been I felt so peaceful the whole time I was reading because you can only hope you and everyone you love can live their lives as light as Todd I m so glad I came across this book for this story will keep with me forever As for the other comments that people had trouble reading this b [...]

    6. A wonderful read I read one of her other books The Blessing of the Animals in Book Club and loved it so thought I would try another This one is just as good with likeable characters who are so very human, capable of doing thoughtful acts as well as sometimes being complete dolts Real, well rounded characters I was sorry to come to the end of the story as I would really like to know what happens to these people who I came to know and like I will definitely look for another of her books.

    7. Katrina Kittle, is an author who can touch you at your core She reaches into the depth of your heart and soul making you feel things that you didn t know were possible In this heart wrenching story of a Summer, who takes time from her life to help care for her older brother, Todd who is dying There is so much going on in this book that will keep you turning pages as you grab another tissue to wipe the tears from your eyes.Each of the characters in this book is so well developed that you could im [...]

    8. AHHHHHHHH This book broke my heart and made me cry over and over again.I originally decided to pick up Traveling Light because I am an ex dancer as well and I ve spent a brief amount of time in the teaching arena ESL in Japan I took so many great life lessons away from this book Travel light so you can sing in the robbers face aka, live so that you have no regrets and that you cannot be metaphorically robbed For one human being to love another that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, [...]

    9. Perhaps it is unfair to rate a book that I chose not to finish, but this is only the second book in my entire life that I started and chose not to finish, therefor, a little explanation may be warranted.The book is about a family, the sister is the main character, has a live in boyfriend, she lives with her brother his gay spouse The brother is dying from Cancer, and is HIV positive The brother Todd, is the hero of the sister and I enjoyed the story of the family until the author found it necess [...]

    10. I first read Traveling Light in 2002 after meeting Katrina at the Antioch Writers Workshop There are books I have read and forgotten, but this was not one of them Traveling Light is a five Kleenex book and this was true for me on that first read ten years ago and on the second, even though I knew what was coming next.It was hard to read about the harsh realities of AIDS, of Todd s descent into death Hard to read about the judgements and the anger characters inflict upon each other These things h [...]

    11. Traveling Light is a Five Hanky book It is so easy to lose yourself in the story and find yourself a part of Todd Summer s family But it is also hard to read the attitudes that made living their lives difficult The ignorance and hatred displayed towards Todd and Jacob is hard to read I really hope that if this story were told today the hatred, the ignorance, would not be part of this story I know that it is a realistic portrayal, but it still makes me sad to read aboutarlotteswebofbooks.

    12. At first I was concerned the plot would be too depressing, and while the story definitely had its heart breaking moments, on a whole it was a beautiful and even uplifting novel Also the main plot points didn t sound interesting at first homosexuality, Aids, death But in the end this book help open my eyes and it forced me to learn about a lifestyle that I really knew nothing about My main knock on the novel, is that there are so main characters you are introduced to I found myself wanting to kno [...]

    13. This was her first book the second I have read by her She can take the most sensitive subjects and bring them to light in a moving and compassionate way The dialogue actually makes you feel you are in the room with the characters I hope she is as delighted as I am to see the progress made in the 16 years since the book was written Looking forward to reading of her novels.

    14. This was the first book I read by this author and she is local to my area She visited my book club meeting and I had dinner beside her The book is about a gay couple and one is dying of aids But it is about much than that.It is about a family, their love and bonds and how it all endured It is about a celebration of life.

    15. One of the most excellent books I ve read Her ability to tap into the depths of the human spirit, sibling relations, and being gay.

    16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book I was taking the train home from a conference and had already finished my book at the hotel so, my boss at the time, lent me this one to read I read it from cover to cover on the train I fell in love with each character so much It s such a sad and yet somehow uplifting story about love and loss and trying to piece your life together If you don t mind crying as I don t , this book is for you It s amazing

    17. Wow Just wow I laughed, I cried and was inspired by this journey and Todd and Jacob s relationship A beautiful book.

    18. For a first novel this was a well written and deeply moving story I was totally enraptured I was immersed in this story to the point that I was crying when Todd s life came to an end The relationship between Summer and her brother Todd is one that many siblings would, I m sure, wish for I will definitely be reading of this new author.From dust jacket I woke and wondered if my brother was dead, gone before I could keep my promiseEverything seems to be going wrong in Summer s life, yet she s a wo [...]

    19. Summer was an up and coming ballerina in New York City but left it all behind to move back to Ohio to be near her beloved older brother Todd who is in his final months of life Although only 29 years old Todd knows that he will die soon from Aids and wants only to have his husband Jacob and sister Summer by his side for the time he has left During a visit to their parents farm Summer is thrown from a horse and suffers a severely broken ankle which puts a final end to her dancing career Summer mov [...]

    20. Three years earlier, Summer had a promising career in New York City as a dancer, then in a moment it is over when she falls from a horse and shatters her ankle Her career as a dancer was due to the sacrifices her older brother, Todd, made for her when they were younger When one year after the accident, she hadn t stopped pitying herself, it is Todd that jump starts her life again by making her promise that she will show him what else she can do While she struggles to figure out how to now make h [...]

    21. Summer Zwolenick, the narrator of Kittle s debut novel, is a 26 year old Ohio schoolteacher who has just enough charismatic mettle and emotional depth to keep the book from falling into the niche of sentimentalized stories in which an angelic young man with AIDS provides meaning and hope to his grieving and equally angelic family Once a rising ballet star, Summer suffered an injury three years ago and now teaches high school near her suburban Dayton hometown, where she has relocated to be close [...]

    22. I would give this book a strong 4 1 2 star rating This is the first book of Katrina Kittle s that I have read, although her name has popped up on my book lists for years I am so glad I finally read one of her books The book involves you emotionally right from the beginning It tells the story of a young woman, Summer, and of her journey of compassion in helping her beloved brother Todd as he dies of AIDS back in the beginning of the epidemic The characters are compellingI liked Summer, her brothe [...]

    23. Quand j ai choisi ce livre, je me souvenais essentiellement des critiques positives que j avais lues au moment o je l avais achet mais plus du tout du r sum et du sujet dont il traitait Je me suis donc lanc e sans pr jug s ou id es pr con ues dans ma lecture et j ai t compl tement boulevers e par l histoire bon j avoue j ai aussi beaucoup, beaucoup pleur Je me suis attach e aux personnages au fur et mesure de ma lecture, tous, pas seulement aux personnages principaux m me si j avais une grosse p [...]

    24. Summer is floundering in her new job as a schoolteacher Summer misses her life as a dancer Summer can t fully commit to her near perfect boyfriend.Summer s brother, Todd, is dying.Sometimes it s hard to tell what a book is going to be like until you open the pages and start reading The last book I read, The Tall Pine Polka, was a light, fun book but it took some time and commitment to finish Alternatively, Katrina Kittle s first novel, Traveling Light, is an intense book dealing with some very s [...]

    25. Having read and loved Katrina Kittle s Kindness of Strangers, I was excited for another one of her books and Traveling Light was no disappointment While I wouldn t necessarily classify her writing as literary phenomena, her writing style is so readable and she presents and develops the characters in a very organic way she has a gift of making them seem almost familiar to you, and therefore relatable, as none are infallible and all are very dynamic The narrator s voice is so authentic, and this p [...]

    26. Summer ha ventisei anni, un passato da ballerina, un presente da insegnante, un fidanzato che le fa proposte che non in grado di accettare o rifiutare, e soprattutto ha un adorato fratello, Tom, che sta ndo di AIDS Summer si trasferita da lui e da suo marito per aiutarli, la sua vita sta andando a pezzi Solo osservando chi le sta intorno capir quale sia la scelta migliore per s.Bello bello bello Non perfetto, ma verosimile, uno di quei libri che ti tengono incollata alle pagine per tutta la nott [...]

    27. This is one of those live like you were dying books to encourage you to discover and pursue what really matters in life while avoiding the accumulation of nonessential baggage hence traveling light It s also a book about homosexuality, presenting both a somewhat idealized, self sacrificing long term relationship between two of the main characters, as well as the harassment and ridicule they and those who love them face It is both an uplifting and sad story as A young man is rapidly dying of AIDs [...]

    28. Traveling Light tells us the story of a three siblings who are struggling in their relationships for various reasons The brother, Todd, is a married homosexual spouse Jacob who is dying of AIDS Although this book felt a little like reading something out of the 90s, I really enjoyed it in the end Todd experiences many instances of discrimination and hatred throughout the book Additionally, some characters exhibit a large degree of ignorance about gay people in general At times this seemed a littl [...]

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