The Quantum Spy A hyper fast quantum computer is the digital equivalent of a nuclear bomb whoever possesses one will be able to shred any encryption in existence effectively owning the digital world The question is

  • Title: The Quantum Spy
  • Author: David Ignatius
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A hyper fast quantum computer is the digital equivalent of a nuclear bomb whoever possesses one will be able to shred any encryption in existence, effectively owning the digital world The question is Who will build it first, the United States or China The latest of David Ignatius s timely, sharp eyed espionage novels follows CIA agent Harris Chang into a quantum researcA hyper fast quantum computer is the digital equivalent of a nuclear bomb whoever possesses one will be able to shred any encryption in existence, effectively owning the digital world The question is Who will build it first, the United States or China The latest of David Ignatius s timely, sharp eyed espionage novels follows CIA agent Harris Chang into a quantum research lab compromised by a suspected Chinese informant The breach provokes a mole hunt that is obsessive, destructive, and above all uncertain Do the leaks expose real secrets, or are they false trails meant to deceive the Chinese Chang soon finds that there is a thin line between loyalty and betrayal, as the investigation leads him down a rabbit hole as dangerous as it is deep.Grounded in the real world global charge toward technological dominance, The Quantum Spy presents a sophisticated game of cat and mouse wired to an exhilarating cyber thriller.

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      David Ignatius

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    1. David Ignatius

      David Ignatius, a prize winning columnist for the Washington Post, has been covering the Middle East and the CIA for than twenty five years His novels include Agents of Innocence, Body of Lies, and The Increment, now in development for a major motion picture by Jerry Bruckheimer He lives in Washington, DC.

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    1. Potent combination of tech and global politics, along with the personal evolution of thoughtful patriot Harris Chang make this thriller well worth reading Recommended.

    2. I remember a year or so ago when Justin Trudeau was asked a snarky question about quantum computing, and proceeded to explain it in language we could understand and the whole concept of things being two things at once kind of blew my mind Things can be in two places at once The coin is both heads and tails The cat is alive and dead A bit is zero and one It s only the act of observing these phenomena that collapses their ambiguous state In The Quantum Spy, the race is on between the U.S and China [...]

    3. America is a country where race matters The people say they are, what, color blind, the it is a lie David Ignatius writes gripping spy fiction, and this is his best work The basis of this one is the longstanding intelligence war between the CIA and its Chinese counterpart the story is fictional, but his careful research ensures that this could have happened Lucky me, I read it free thanks to Edelweiss and W.W Norton and Company Publishers This book will be available to the public tomorrow, Nov [...]

    4. I got the feeling something was missing Not the plot if anything, it was over complicated Not the bows to today s dog whistles a product of Ignatius, an ex maybe current WaPo Op Ed writer on defense matters The characters seemed cardboard Where was the elan of a Ross Thomas, never mind a William Buckley, CIA spy All but one was a drudge, and he wasn t involved at the ending It s the times all movie villains seem to be rouge CIA agents Plus, the Americans aren t clever this reads like Clancy tha [...]

    5. I eagerly awaited the release of David Ignatius latest, The Quantum Spy , and I now feel my eagerness was wasted Ignatius, who has penned some of my favorite spy novels and is well regarded for not only his writing chops but also his deep knowledge of foreign affairs and the CIA, has delivered a poorly planned thriller with a transparent plot and laughably poor dialogue Don t get me wrong, there are a few good sections and the whole thing is readable especially if you pretend that it s by a gene [...]

    6. All the ingredients of a spy novel but maybe not the right amounts It has terrific social commentary on what is wrong with American society these days, and an interesting premise, but it didn t gel for me Parts of the book were suspenseful, and parts kept you guessing who is who, but it s not John Le Carre

    7. 3.5 It had the bones of a very good thriller political intrigue, CIA spies, and quantum computers But everything was very straightforward I kept waiting for double crossing or tricks or even cool gadgets something But it was like we think this person is the double agent And the next page is telling how they are correct No guess work No mystery So there wasn t really any suspense.

    8. 4.5 stars An inserting character driven story with a philosophical ending A general description of the plot is a battle between two spy masters CIA vs China s Ministry of Intelligence in the hunt for a mole The story is much complex and layered as the author strips away the notion of good guy vs bad guy and brings to light how perception dictates reality As a spy novel, it is well paced and combines the right amount of operational planning and action The mole was not overly obvious and I only f [...]

    9. Assuming the author has deep insights into CIA operations, the book describes an investigation in detail dealing with a Quantum computer system The effects on the operators portrays the pressures these people go through in the quagmire of espionage In layman s term for me it was a good read in the history thriller genera.

    10. Combination technothriller and spy thriller.Like many a spy thriller, _The Quantum Spy_ is basically about a game of chess between two spymasters, John Vandel DDO for the CIA and Li Zian head of China s Ministry of State Security And, like a technothriller, it has a technological Maguffin which is vital not only to the plot, but to its resolution.The Maguffin is quantum computing The CIA is spending a lot of money effectively buying up companies with a promising approach to QC, and then making t [...]

    11. In THE QUANTUM SPY, the CIA and Chinese intelligence agencies duel one another in a high stakes match as they pursue research secrets surrounding quantum computing Whichever country is first to harness that technology will possess unimaginable power, a sort of information processing equivalent of a nuclear bomb.As I read through the first two thirds of the book, it seemed to me to be a solid four star winner, an engrossing novel showcasing the real world tradecraft not the fictional James Bond t [...]

    12. A Must ReadVery few authors can successfully take us into the nexus of technology and spy v spy tradecraft Either one or the other subject is usually given short shrift Not this time this book is meticulous in its research and it s portrayal of a case officer s down the rabbit hole world is fascinating and intriguing You may learn about quantum computing than you can comprehend, certainly the case for me, but I understood its implications well after reading the book and they are both compelling [...]

    13. This espionage thriller ticks all the right boxes for me in that it is written by a Washington Post columnist I admire, deals with a particularly interesting area of physics technology, and is recommended on the back cover by two former CIA directors, NSA director, Secretary of Defense, and CNN s chief anchor David Ignatius clearly has a firm grasp of the workings of such organizations and this work here deals with the next great technological frontier no, not the Iphone XI , quantum computing W [...]

    14. I had a hard time choosing between 3 and 4 stars It s like a 3 1 2 I really like David Ignatius as a foreign policy expert and a really good journalist Based on this book, a great novelist he s not.

    15. Complex story with plausible scenarios Character development with twists and turns ends with many surprises A really good read.

    16. Very fun book This spy action thriller is good because it reflects real world possibilities among large states seeking to one up the other via possession of unique technology which also has the potential to be hugely disruptive.It s also good because it accurately represents the current state of the art in quantum technologies, which makes it credible.Not only all that, it s super well written It s my first exposure to this author whom I know from when appears on MSNBC Morning Joe I ve also read [...]

    17. Fast paced thriller containing good insights into the competition to develop the AI tool that will drive the future.

    18. Once I started the book, I couldn t put it down I loved the plot The author says the story is fictitious but I believe it could happen anytime in the future or it has already happened Like the race to put man on the moon, I think the race to build the quantum computer is real It definitely is the next big frontier.

    19. I did not find this book particularly engaging, and it was certainly not thrilling The characters were two dimensional, the dialogue uninspired and the action distinctly absent The political machinations and the parts on quantum computing were very good but that did not make up for the flatness of the plot I read to the end though.

    20. Enjoyed this book very much Made me want to learn about Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computers Hope to get other work by this author.

    21. I was chosen in a drawing to receive this book.I would really give this book 4 stars for the writing and character development However, for me, it was too technical regarding quantum computers It slowed the action way down so that it seemed nonexistent As with most books, the actions picks up for the last 100 pages and by the end the book was a thriller I would recommend this book to a scientific based audience.

    22. I won this book on a giveaway I enjoyed this book, though I tended to get some of the characters mixed up occasionally There were several surprises that I did not anticipate, and I would recommend this book to anyone for a wonderful afternoon winter read.

    23. Very good Not only a spy story but full of science and what it means to be an American and citizen of the world And if you can be both at the same time winner

    24. Really surprised by the many 4 5 star reviews here, as I found this a total disappointment Weak plot, super boring technology which turned out to basically be a MacGuffin anyway , near zero action and way too much dialogue much of it wooden especially the many Chinese characters , totally unsympathetic characters and finally a false and vaguely racist rendering IMHO of the loyalties, motivations and inner conflict of its Asian American protagonist.Adding to this was a particularly weak narration [...]

    25. The Quantum SpyMysterious Book Report No 319by John Dwaine McKennaIt s indisputable that the next war will be fought in cyberspace Some scientific and military experts believe in fact, that World War III has already begun that the opening skirmishes are evidenced by the endless hacking attempts on the most secure of websites where our adversaries are going after America s commercial, financial, governmental, scientific and military secrets in hopes of besting the United States by destroying th [...]

    26. The Quantum Spy takes a dive into the world of the Central Intelligence Agency and its fight with China s Ministry of State Security Their battle in this book focuses on the secrets of Quantum Computing I have never read any material by this author before, so this made for an interesting read.I m going to put it out there The blatant racism against the Chinese and Americans of Chinese descent is very real in this book You really only see it in one person, but it is clear from the start It makes [...]

    27. Quantum Spy is an enjoyable spy thriller written by an author who has demonstrated that he seems to know well the shadow world of how the intelligence agencies and their minions work.The McGuffin the Hitchcockian term for the plot device that moves the story is the quantum computer The race to be first to have one operational means that a country would be able to decrypt everything at the speed of light, i.e read everything, know everything about everybody Who will win the race The US China But, [...]

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