Faithful Presence Seven Disciplines That Shape the Church for Mission In our quest to renew the church Christians have walked through seeker friendly emergent missional and other movements to develop new expressions of the body of Christ Now in the post Christian wo

  • Title: Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines That Shape the Church for Mission
  • Author: David E. Fitch
  • ISBN: 9780830841271
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • In our quest to renew the church, Christians have walked through seeker friendly, emergent, missional, and other movements to develop new expressions of the body of Christ Now in the post Christian world in North America we re asking the question again is there a way to be the church that engages the world, not by judgment nor accommodation but by becoming the good newsIn our quest to renew the church, Christians have walked through seeker friendly, emergent, missional, and other movements to develop new expressions of the body of Christ Now in the post Christian world in North America we re asking the question again is there a way to be the church that engages the world, not by judgment nor accommodation but by becoming the good news in our culture InFaithful Presence, noted pastor and scholar David Fitch offers a new vision for the witness of the church in the world He argues that we have lost the intent and practice of the sacramental ways of the historic church, and he recovers seven disciplines that have been with us since the birth of the church Through numerous examples and stories, he demonstrates how these revolutionary disciplines can help the church take shape in and among our neighborhoods, transform our way of life in the world, and advance the kingdom This book will help you re envision church, what you do in the name of church, and the way you lead a church It recovers a future for the church that takes us beyond Christendom Embrace the call to reimagine the church as the living embodiment of Christ, dwelling in and reflecting God s faithful presence to a world that desperately needs of it.

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      David E. Fitch

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    1. David E. Fitch

      David Fitch is B R Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary Chicago, IL He s married to Rae Ann and they have one child, a son Max He s pastored and participated in many church plants including Life on the Vine Christian Community a missional church in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Most recently he and his family have joined Peace of Christ Church, Westmont, a church planted from Life on the Vine He writes on the issues the local church must face in Mission including cultural engagement, leadership and theology His theology combines Neo Anabaptist streams of thought, his commitments to evangelicalism and his love for political theory He has lectured and presented on these topics at many seminaries, graduate schools, denominational gatherings and conferences Dr Fitch is the author of numerous articles in places like Christianity Today, The Other Journal, Missiology Evangelical Missions Quarterly, as well as academic journals He has been featured in places like OutReach Magazine, Anabaptist Witness, Homebrewed Christianity He is the author of The End of Evangelicalism Discerning a New Faithfulness for Mission Cascade Books, 2011 , The Great Giveaway Reclaiming the Mission of the Church from American Business, Para Church Organizations, Psychotherapy, Consumer Capitalism and Other Modern Maladies Baker Books, 2005 and Prodigal Christianity 10 Signposts into the Missional Frontier Jossey Bass 2013 with co author Geoff Holsclaw His latest book is entitled Faithful Presence How God Shapes the Church for the Sake of the World It is due Summer of 2016 with InterVarsity books.

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    1. When I get up on the average day, I don t know how to transform the world But I know how to pray, show hospitality, and proclaim truth With scholarly care and pastoral zeal, David Fitch reminds us that it s in long term, communal devotion to small but transformative practices that we both discover and reflect the faithful presence of God Faithful Presence gives us permission to step aside from our own efforts at greatness, encouraging us to give our time and attention to disciplines that reveal [...]

    2. Fantastic guide to missional church praxis Highly recommend, particularly to anyone involved in church leadership ministry.I can t say the seven disciplines are exhaustive, but they are instructive and central practices that the church would do well to emphasize over and above some of the areas we might tend to spin our wheels at present.The chapter on the discipline of being with children was a standout in terms of insight and new discovery for me The image of the gathered close circle on missi [...]

    3. I received this book as a Christmas gift from one of my church small group members I probably wouldn t have read it otherwise In that sense, it was a perfect gift.The basic premise of this book submits that a church s including her individual congregational members effectiveness in reaching a community is enhanced by practicing seven disciplines In so doing, the presence of Jesus is brought to bear in these settings Divine favor, power, love, etc is increased as our efforts are blessed through t [...]

    4. David has written a book that many of us who love being missional, and have a deep love for the church, would have loved to write but he has done it better This is a superb book that needs to be read by anyone who is serious about following Jesus today It is a call to recover what it means to be a community of the king any day but especially today It is a must read that I will buy many copies of and give to people who I feel are serious about joining Christ on mission.

    5. I read this book with my Presbyterian tradition So I obviously have quibbles with Fitch at points Yet, I suspect most church historians would complain about Fitch s historiography at many points.Even when his practical theology is compelling, Fitch s exegesis is very questionable Matt 25 40 Eph 4 11 12, etc The book is repetitive I m still not sure of the purpose of some of the appendices.However, it is a fun book to read in terms of thinking through a basic, ordinary ministry for the local chur [...]

    6. Summary Expands upon the idea of faithful presence, exploring how this may be practiced by the church in fulfillment of her mission through seven foundational disciplines practiced in three different settings or circles In 2010, sociologist James Davison Hunter penned a probing critique of evangelicalism s change the world rhetoric in To Change the World reviewed here , and proposed as an alternative, the idea of the subversive practice of faithful presence David E Fitch, co pastor of Peace of C [...]

    7. 4.5 stars, highly recommended to anyone who cares about the Church and or the world.Fitch focuses on these disciplines as recognizing and cultivating tending the presence of Christ among us He identifies the following disciplines the Lord s Table, Reconciliation, Proclaiming the Gospel, Being with the Least of These, Being with Children, the Fivefold Gifting, and Kingdom Prayer And he discusses the practice of these seven disciplines in three circles the close circle not closed , the dotted circ [...]

    8. David Fitch has become an important voice to me very recently In the past couple months, I had read, The Great Giveaway, and found myself chewing on the gristle of that book for many days after I finished it.This volume does not disappoint The voice has changed a bit To borrow ideas from the chapter of this volume, The Discipline of the Firefold Gifting, Fitch used the voice of a prophet in Giveaway Here, he is much speaking with the voice of a pastor, putting into practice some of the weighty [...]

    9. I m grateful for this book It was a deeply encouraging and challenging read that brought so much needed clarity for me Amidst the complexity of strategies and structures so often recommended in conversations books about the church, Faithful Presence finds a different way, getting down to the heart of what the church can and should be The overarching organization of presence in our lives based on Fitch s three circles is an incredibly helpful frame for thinking through how the church can be prese [...]

    10. David Fitch presents seven disciplines for the church disciplines that, when lived out, synthesize the organized Missio Dei approach to mission first described by Newbigin and an incarnational approach to ministry Fitch believes he has a finger on the pulse of what it is for the church to be a faithful witness to the Kingdom of God in the world I think he is right The disciplines he proposes are, the Lord s Table, reconciliation, proclaiming the Gospel, being with the least of these, being with [...]

    11. I really enjoyed the controlling idea of the book which is that people who are part of a community of faith have three circles in which their lives and faith are lived out The closed circle life within the community The dotted circle life beyond the faith community but in areas of relationship such as work, school, other places we are drawn together in relationships not immediately defined by our faith The half circle our interaction with the world He demonstrates how the seven disciplines with [...]

    12. read this one as a staff two persistent themes were helpful1 faithful presence 2 submission in this book Fitch explores 7 disciplines, some of them traditional praying some of them not so much spending time with children and asks about what it means to tend to the faithful presence of Christ in each of these i think one weak point of the book was the hermeneutic Fitch propose a three tiered model of engaging each discipline 1 in the church, 2 outside of the church with that community and 3 in th [...]

    13. It s not just about Eucharist Christ makes himself present to us and our world in many ways I began this book with a desire to make the Eucharist or Lord s Table central to all I do.But this is only one discipline that the author encourages.I was surprised that the Cosmic Weaver was already knitting the threads of Kingdom Prayer and the Fivefold Gifting into my life and ministry.I recommend this book to those who want to capture the essence of what it means to be Christ s body on earth.And the a [...]

    14. A very helpful book in thinking through how the church practices being the church I found this to be refreshing and thoughtful and now find myself thinking through practical application This book made that exercise a simpler one Most books in this genre leave you confused once you are done Typically they offer a model that worked in a single context rather than, like Faithful Presence, offering disciplines to continue in the various spheres of life A present church is one that is showing the Ki [...]

    15. This book had very helpful resources and ideas on how to impact the community around you, but the language was confusing and mystical when it didn t really need to be I d argue that while God is mystical in a very real sense, He s also given us some pretty clear cut commands about how to interact with the people around us Overall, I think this book was helpful to evaluate my life and see what things I could improve and such.

    16. Excellent book that presence new insights and information that are both theologically sound and culturally relevant Fitch provides a gem of a book that clearly articulates a fresh understanding of church Five stars from me.

    17. This book provided a clear, helpful and timely read presenting formative practices for God s people on a mission 4.5 stars.

    18. Fantastic This is a much needed corrective to mega church, business model ministry in today s North American Church.

    19. This is a compelling book on faithfulness and mission not of our own striving but by receiving and participating in God s presence in the world I imagine I ll be thinking about it for a while, so that s about as good a review as I can muster

    20. This is a niche read, not for everyone But if you have a voice in shaping any kind of Christian community, it is a great book I d highly recommend.I ve read a lot about Christian practices over the last year or two and have books sitting on my Kindle waiting for me , but they focus on private, personal practices This book is the first I ve read about practices that shape communities, and it was thought provoking and helpful personally and for my job and ministry Fitch discusses the role of seve [...]

    21. This book that has challenged me to see how we as churches can practice a way of life that goes beyond individualistic spiritual disciplines to shared practices rooted in Jesus teachings It helps us see how we can renew our vision of what it means to be the church grounded in New Testament teachings but planted in early 21st century North America.

    22. Challenging bookThis book was contrary to popular belief about our interaction with the world It invites us to be present to the indwelling spirit of Christ s presence among us as we share with each other in church and around our tables in our homes in our neighborhood and in the world It disdained church programs and asks us to consider rather first developing relationship with those we encounter in our daily lives and being present as the guiding force in our mission as a church I found it ver [...]

    23. I bought this book thinking it would be an attempt to apply James Davison Hunter s idea of faithful presence from Hunter s To Change the World Fitch acknowledges the connection There were some good points throughout but I really had to slog my way through it Perhaps that is on me.The idea of presence over programs is appealing The chapters on the Lord s Supper and on being present with children were good It just all seemed so esoteric and vague.It is an okay book and my expectations were probabl [...]

    24. This book it too full of Christianese Unless you have been neck deep in the church long enough to know the lingo it is unintelligible.It seems to be an attempt to get all Christian denominations in the same page by using this language Instead the message gets convoluted because different sects have different interpretations for these words.On the plus side the chapter on reconciliation was pretty good.

    25. Excellent book I wish it engaged a bit on a nondenominational specific level I have Bible church friends that I think would be benefitted from this but they would not necessarily be able to get through some of the high church stuff without discussion An impressive application of JDH s To Change the World.

    26. Read this book Every church leader and every Christian, particularly those in a privileged, American context, can greatly benefit from the challenge to these disciplines.

    27. I ve been waiting for a book like this for a long time More details forthcoming, but this is unquestionably the best church book I ve read all year.

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