One Night In London Have sex with a stranger in a foreign country It was on my list It was something I d never done before and I wasn t sure if I could go through with it But I did Don t tell him anything about yourself

  • Title: One Night In London
  • Author: Sandi Lynn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Have sex with a stranger in a foreign country It was on my list It was something I d never done before and I wasn t sure if I could go through with it But I did Don t tell him anything about yourself No names No personal information Nothing It s all about the thrill The mystery man Keep him a stranger That one night was the best night of my entire life He was sHave sex with a stranger in a foreign country It was on my list It was something I d never done before and I wasn t sure if I could go through with it But I did Don t tell him anything about yourself No names No personal information Nothing It s all about the thrill The mystery man Keep him a stranger That one night was the best night of my entire life He was sexy, intense, and made me feel things I had never felt before The next morning, the thrill was over and he was gone before I woke up What happened in London should have stayed in London, but it didn t I was never supposed to see him again, but the universe had other plans and now my happy little world was turned upside down by a man named Sebastian Bennett She refused to tell me her name Normally, I wouldn t care But something inside me needed to know who she was She was stunningly beautiful and a name would complete her It didn t matter anyway In the morning, I d be gone before she woke up and I d never see her again It was probably for the best anyway I would hurt her and she would ultimately hate me It s what I did It s all I knew I was never supposed to see her again, but I did, and my desire for her was stronger than before I had money, looks, and a heart made of pure stone She deserved better than me and I knew it, but I couldn t stay away Chloe Kane left an imprint on my soul and now my life would never be the same all because of One Night in London.

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    1. Sandi Lynn

      I m Sandi Lynn and I m a full time writer Writing has always been a passion of mine and I ve had many dreams of writing and publishing a book In just a little under a year, I ve written and published a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Trilogy When I m not writing, I enjoy going out to dinner and to the movies I have a severe coffee addiction and you can usually find me hanging out at the local Starbucks with my laptop

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    1. 3.5 STARS Keep calm and fuck a stranger I truly enjoyed the start of this story even though it s nowhere near the first time I have read of a heroine getting dumped right before a trip to another county with her sex crazed best friend The story is told in alternating POVS of the heroine and the stranger Chloe Kane is a likable heroine, her best friend is cool and in the beginning the beautiful stranger seemed sexy and super mysterious I didn t want her to see me for who I really was A monster wi [...]

    2. 4 stars If you are looking for a romantic, funny and sexy read, there you go I finished this book in one sitting Two people from completely different backgrounds falling in love Why not What happens when a carefree girl from hippie upbringing meets a damaged, rich guy Well, read it and find out I liked both main characters, and secondary ones, and one thing I loved about this book is that you can find characters from her previous works in this one Black series, Connor and Ellery Great job, Sandi [...]

    3. The Hero is sleeping with the h even though they haven t had the exclusive relationship talk he goes on a date with ow and goes to the ow apartment to have sex with her but he doesn t go through it but IMO is still cheating he runs hot and cold he s a jerk to the h The h finds out he was on date and she said that it s not her problem that she doesn t care about the ow but why is she crying like a stupid bitch also he s a possesive stalker follows the h everywhere this is double standard she can [...]

    4. Beware of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Chloe 2 5 came off as quite naiveHero Sebastian 2 5 typical manwhorePlot 2.5 5Grovel noneCheating yes H goes on date with OW after fucking h several times and then proceeds to take the OW home with the intention of screwing her but stopped after kissing OWHEA yesTriggers noneAverage score 2 5 Best Line the only semi good line was by h about the H after he took OW on a date His begging was pathetic no it wasn t pathetic, in fact he needed to beg MOREWorst L [...]

    5. sigh It s not a good sign when the best thing I liked about the book was a homeless man named Willie He s probably not even rated as a secondary character, but he pulled my heartstrings than any of the characters The H and h we so back and forth, I was getting annoyed They were together, then they weren t Then they were together again for reasons that really made me roll my eyes Although Sebastian is a self made billionaire, he was far from alpha He couldn t make up his freaking mind Did he wan [...]

    6. And it looks this book is also a copy and paste of some books I read SoI am definitely passing review show review show

    7. One Night in London is another amazing book by Sandi Lynn This book is funny, sexy and romantic.Bad luck leading to what is supposed to be One night with a hot stranger in London turns into so much This book is hot and sexy and will keep you wanting Sebastian and Chloe are so explosive in the bedroom and out They can t keep their hands off of each other These two couldn t have had different lives, but they are made for each other I loved seeing the war going on in Sebastian s head and seeing [...]

    8. wow love love love this story is so sweet, I love the plot a little bit of a fantasy but at the same time with real characters.young adults, with all their goals and dreams and ghostsey want a relationship, but they are afraid with a few hot scenes some hilarious others, this story is a bridge to a couple of hours of pure entertainment.

    9. I wanted to like this one , especially since Sebastian was so closed off But Chloe repeatedly letting Sebastian walk all over her bugged me.

    10. I couldn t even finish itChloe is just pathetic.e falls in love with the first guy who banged her properly at a one night stand keeps entering her life only when he wants to fuck her the guy is pretty clear about his intentions using phrases like I see a lot of women She isn t anyone I see on a regular basis I like to keep my options open for instances like this one But did that stopped Chloe Noooo.e was wet and she got even wet when he kept telling her that he can t spend the night cause he ha [...]

    11. Amazing Oh my god Sandi what an amazing book I loved Sebastian and Chloe from the very start.Chloe is a very attractive girl who has been going out with a guy called Cory for nine months but one night Cory shattered Chloe by telling her he was gay Chloe and her very best friend Sianna go on a trip to London and was told to have sex with a total stranger with no strings attached and no names given On her last night in London she meets him in the bar at the hotel He leaves first thing in the morni [...]

    12. Chloe Kane grew up in New York City and moved to Los Angeles for a job working at Connor Ellery Black s art gallery She s been dating Cory for 8 months and thinks he s going to ask her to move in when he invites her to dinner She s excited and dressed beautifully when she gets to the restaurant but is shocked when he tells her he s gay She is understandably upset but after cooling off for a while she stays good friends with him Connor offers her a job running his new art gallery in NYC, excited [...]

    13. I like it that the Connor and Ellery black has a huge involvement in the story I miss them anyway Chloe manages the art gallery of ellery black in new York before that she and her bff went to London for a vacation and well to have a one night stand with a stranger Chloe met this gorgeous man in the bar at the hotel they are staying at and this man invited her to his room Sebastian has issues with love and trust so he is the type of person who has meaningless hook ups until Chloe.

    14. AwesomeThis story was awesome, it was funny I couldn t imagine telling my parents about my sex life I loved the relationship between the two couples I hope this is not the end of their story.

    15. DNF I couldn t stand the Heroine being such a doormat and the Hero was such a coward Don t waste your money on this book if you are looking for a good strong willed Heroine and and Alpha hero You won t fine them here

    16. I m not quiet understand Sebastian, was he dark Maybe, was he monster I don t think so.Chloe, a girl with a good heart, like Ellery, but I m not buying this, it may be the copy of Connor n Ellery, but in different way, the lines r same.

    17. Sorry, Sandi Lynn, but I would ve given this zero stars if allowed it.Weak plotline, weak characters and overall just a waste of reading time Skip this book is gifted to me for free in exchange for an honest review

    18. Ok I like this Until the last 1 4 of book It just fizzled and got super corny The parents talking about sex with them all the time was also gross This book had potential

    19. Great character development, dialogue and drama Aside from the excessive explicit sex scenes, this was a great book There is something for everyone here travel, humor, tragedy, romance, and people working through real issues with real emotions I have to admit that it took me a bit to believe in Chloe s character, but after seeing of her parents, her actions and attitudes were believable Sebastian s own epiphanies are also credible The plot is focused on the relationship between Sebastian and Ch [...]

    20. What a brilliant read another one from Sandi Lynn I think that Chloe Kane is one beautiful smart funny woman and she gives Sebastian Bennet a run for his money Chloe is brought up by parents who grew up in the 60 s and never left lol so she is astrological and spiritual just like her parents and when she meets Sebastian it s because her best friend Sienna makes her sleep with a stranger in a foreign country which happen to be London and boy are they in for a wild ride I really like this book it [...]

    21. I m a big fan of Sandi Lynn s books, she never disappoints me I love Sebastian and Chloe in this book Chloe with all her quirks, she believes in nature, astronomy and that all people are equal Her sweet relationship with Willie the homeless man touched my heart Sebastian, the way he learned to accept and love Chloe for who she is tugged at my heart strings Another beautiful book by author Sandi Lynn Perfect

    22. Very fast paced and never a dull moment I ve always liked this authors writing, she doesn t waste time and def doesn t linger too long The only reason for a minus star was the push and pull They re good then have a fight 2 weeks go by, again it happens and 2 months I felt like they were apart a lot but I still enjoyed.

    23. The heroine was irritating and clingy she was gaga over him dint like her this was the hero did not call her over week and then when he goes back she takes her happily and when the heroine say she is strong and wont let her emotions tangled up but the minute she saw him with another date she cries i mean thats crazy right i mean you should let him pay for a while though no self respect

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