The Trap Oh MY GOSH this book was not amazing it wasn t great it wasn t good it was mind blowingly insanely awesome B E Love Looking back I should have seen it coming Paige didn t like that I went so far

  • Title: The Trap
  • Author: Beverley Kendall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Oh MY GOSH this book was not amazing, it wasn t great it wasn t good, it was mind blowingly insanely, awesome B.E Love, Looking back, I should have seen it coming.Paige didn t like that I went so far away to university But it was going to only be for two years She d join me after she did her two years at community college I thought we could swing that Oh MY GOSH this book was not amazing, it wasn t great it wasn t good, it was mind blowingly insanely, awesome B.E Love, Looking back, I should have seen it coming.Paige didn t like that I went so far away to university But it was going to only be for two years She d join me after she did her two years at community college I thought we could swing that no problem We were solid.But she hated the distance She hated not seeing me every day She complained that I didn t come home enough She hated that for months on end, texting and phone calls were our only form of communication It wasn t enough.She d ask about the girls on campus She d gotten it into her head that girls were always making a play for me I laughed and told her, even if that were true, I d never cheat on her She didn t seem completely reassured by that.The bottom line is, Paige thought she was losing me She wanted me home with her But I could never imagine the level she d sink to the trap she d set to make that happen.And like an idiot I walked right into it.And it s a mistake I m going to have to pay for the rest of my life.This is a 21,000 word 85 page prequel to TRAPPEDOther books in the seriesTrapped Expanded Edition Includes The Trap Trapped at Christmas Paige Mitch Bonus shortPlayed Erin Josh TBAConnecting series Unforgettable YouOnly For You Book 1 Olivia ZachAll Over You Book 2 Rebecca ScottAlways Been You Book 3 April TroyForever With You Emily Graham TBA

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    1. 4,5 stars Wow, that was nerve wracking for such a short reading and I loved it It sure made me want to read the next one really bad I love an asshole hero and I love grovelling even , which I hope I will find in the sequel.

    2. Currently FREE on A Trap Trapped BoUK Trap Trapped Mitch and Paige are childhood sweethearts who find themselves living in different cities Mitch went away to University This is where the romance starts to disintegrate for the young lovers.The Trap is written with a lovely dose of angst but for me, if I m perfectly honest, it was hard to completely care during the main body of the story because I hadn t built a reader relationship with the characters From the beginning, the reader is immersed [...]

    3. 4.5 stars Holy shit that was angsty Eighty four pages of stomach roiling angsty goodness This novella packs quite a wallop from page one until the end I was entertained from the get go and intrigued by each character Plus, there s an excerpt at the end for the next book and I almost cried reading it Paige and Mitch were sweethearts Mitch was in college miles away from Paige I think it s quite obvious from the title and the blurb that something happened and these two characters are dealing with t [...]

    4. I glance around the room and take in the women in my life, the women who mean the most to me And then I look at the love of my life, my daughter, and know I need to be strong for her I need to be strong for me Oh hell yes I love the fact that this young lady is getting it done and standing up for herself I also love the fact that the demon baby daddy is still in the picture and we ll have to deal with that angst in the next book Did I want to junk punch Mitch You betcha I m looking forward to th [...]

    5. 3rd re read, and I cried again reading it re read, I cried the second time around, now I have to dig into Trapped.Let me fist start by saying you MUST read this, but let me follow that up with two pieces of advice 1 bring a box of tissue yes you will need it, 2 be prepared you will be kicking yourself if Trapped isn t out and you have to wait for Oh MY GOSH this book was not amazing, it wasn t great it wasn t good it was mind blowingly insanely, awesome, to give this book 5 stars is like kickin [...]

    6. Mitch and Paige were high school sweethearts After graduation, they were going to be separated Mitch in NY going to school, and Paige staying in Georgia After 2 years, she will transfer to NY with Mitch.Being apart is harder than they thought Just relying on sporadic phone calls, texts, and minimal visits was taking its toll Mitch thought Paige was having a hard time with the separation.One visit home changes everything when Paige tells him she s pregnant She s only 18, he s only 19 They still h [...]

    7. This was actually a really nice little prequel to what looks as if it will be an intense win you back kind of second chance romance Our hero, Mitch, is quite the jerk in these pages, throwing blame around, denying his own responsibility, and basically blowing any chance of remaining in my good graces apart Kid s got a long row to hoe, and I m anxious to get to the meat of the story It sounds like Paige won t use her kid as a weapon, rather she s going to guard her own heart after such a massive [...]

    8. Quick review for a quick read I ll admit I m disappointed with this read for reasons than one, but to start this review on a positive note, at least I see where Beverley Kendall s overall writing style has improved over time This had a much better narrative flow to it than a few of the other contemporaries I ve read from her in the past, and I see that as a good thing.But beg my pardon on the pun, The Trap felt like a trap in itself I think that s probably the best way I can sum it up in so man [...]

    9. My heart broke reading this and I cried and cried.Mitch was such a selfish jackass and his best friend Josh an even bigger one.

    10. Two college teens.One unplanned pregnancy.Two shatter hearts.One new bundle of joy.And three lives that will be forever changed.The author did a great job with evoking deep emotions out of me I felt the sadness and pain for Paige I felt hatred for Mitch However, not once did I feel sorry for him and his selfishness or how he treated Paige I also felt annoyed with Mitch s best friend, Josh He has severe trust issues it seems with women and he clearly wasn t the best one to offer Mitch any advice [...]

    11. Free copy in exchange for an honest review Okay, this story is not at all what I expected from reading the blurb I m going to start with the good, because once I get to what I didn t like, ranting will likely ensue My blood pressure shot through the roof than a few times during my reading experience, and fair warning, if irresponsible deadbeat dads raise your hackles, yours will, too The first thing I will say for this book is that I read it all in one sitting I had to step away a few times for [...]

    12. 4 ANGSTY STARS Wow It was so intense and nerve wracking for such a short story I loved the emotions that this book evoked I won t elaborate on this book because I might end up telling you the whole story I only want to say that I love it and now I can t wait to read the next book since I m a sucker for a second chance and a groveling hero I just hope that Ms Kendall will deliver on that.

    13. ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.You can tell the book isn t complete You ll see a lot of spacing errors from this eBook, but nothing you can t decipher easily I loved this book because it dealt with the issue of unexpected pregnancy honestly, especially with young adults This is a nice, quick read novella Probably one of the better books I ve reviewed off NetGalley I m not sure if it was because this issue hits a soft spot for me, but boy did I shed s [...]

    14. Posted What I m ReadingIt s a love hate relationship between prequel I love the start of The Trap, but I hate I have to wait for rest of the story Ok, I got that off my chest Anyway, Beverley Kendall brings us a story about a couple who supposedly loved each other When it all boiled down Mitch started to doubt Paige s story and basically dumped her Now Paige is dealing with her breakup and a pregnancy Sucks to be her Love The Trap, even if it caused a few tears I felt horrible for Paige I honest [...]

    15. Absolutely loved it So much First of all, the cover and the title reminds me a little bit harlequin and that s a shame because this book is a college book than anything else Actually, this short story It is a big teaser for the novel Trapped and I just loved it It surprised me with how well written it was and despite the fact that it was short, it still was detailed enough and yet to the point The story is about Paige and Mitch and how they end up with the consequences of both their actions Mit [...]

    16. 4 starsDamn I need the next book like NOW The Trap is a short prequel to the upcoming book Trapped It s one of those books that captures your interest and you can t help but become emotional involved I don t usually get so worked up but I really really wanted to junk punch Mitch, he needs to grow up and stop with the pity party if he is ever going to redeem himself I loved the last few lines, I might have actually smiled with how things ended, yep Mitch let s see how this works out for you Thank [...]

    17. Ok, this was a little bit of a rough draft The writing was good, but sometimes the emotions were not enough described so you couldn t really get into the character s mind, it was fuzzy and felt like the author wanted the moment to pass as fast as possible so she could write the following chapter.Also, Mitch, seriously Just because she lied once when she view spoiler forgot to tell you she stopped the pill hide spoiler , it means that she obviously lied plenty of times and cheated on you too Don [...]

    18. This was really mehhhh for me The writing was decent and the topic was interesting, but the title and synopsis was pretty much an outright lie This made it seem like the female purposefully had a secret agenda to get pregnant, which isn t really the case Also the male protagonist was putting the entire blame on her, which seemed irresponsible Quick read, but I won t be continuing.

    19. This was short and the Mitch acted like a douche, but it sets us up for some great redemption and some EPIC groveling potential for the next installment I LOVE groveling.

    20. thanks Netgalley for ARCI really enjoy it I cant wait to read book 1 and read how Mitchell GROVELS for forgiveness.

    21. SweetWow, I ve had this on my tbr list for a looong time and it was definitely worth the wait I m hating Mitch right now but hopefully in the next book he ll redeem himself for Paige and Brianne s sake It s a sweet and realistic story that reminds me a girl I went to high school with I have hope that everything will turn out for the best.

    22. 3.5 rounded up This is your typical tale of young love high school sweethearts who beat the odds and remain together through graduation and into freshman year of college Then she stops taking her pills because 1 they re causing her physical pain contraction like cramps and 2 her man s away for college and she didn t think she d need them Shit hits the fan when he shows up for a surprise visit and, caught up in the moment, she forgets to tell him to use a condom that she s off the pill Low and be [...]

    23. 5 Didn t Plan on Having This Much Emotion StarsThis is a prequel type novella that I stumbled upon when I saw what others were reading today Most are reading Trapped which is the book that comes out today I believe When I looked up this book I was happy to see it was free on so of course I immediately downloaded and then devoured this book.I cannot believe how much emotion Kendall drew from me in such a short book Told in alternating POV s we get Paige and Mitch s story and it is great and painf [...]

    24. The events and the plot may be nothing original but I really like the realistic way they are dealt with.Every one of us react differently and nowhere it s determined which way of conduct is right and which wrong.Mitch may be not enthusiastic about the pregnancy news in the beginning but I bet no boy so young is in this situation He feels betrayed and manipulated when he becomes aware of the fact Paige stopped taking the pill and didn t tell him Actually I m mad at Paige than Mitch because even [...]

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