Better Times Than These An extraordinary first novel hailed as one of the great authentic novels of the Vietnam War from the bestselling author of Forrest Gump Billy Kahn finds himself Executive Officer of Bravo Comp

  • Title: Better Times Than These
  • Author: Winston Groom
  • ISBN: 9780671522667
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • An extraordinary first novel, hailed as one of the great, authentic novels of the Vietnam War, from the bestselling author of Forrest Gump 1966 Billy Kahn finds himself Executive Officer of Bravo Company, responsible for leading over 100 young men into combat and drawn into an impassable moral quagmire that could mean his downfall or his redemption.

    Better Times Than These by Winston Groom Better Times Than These book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers An extraordinary first novel, hailed as one of the great, a Better to invest through troubled times than to try hours agoBetter to invest through troubled times than to try avoiding them Jan , at pm Updated Jan , at am By Chuck Jaffe Syndicated columnist. Better Times Than These Winston Groom Nov , Better Times Than These Winston Groom on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Frank Holden and other soldiers from varying backgrounds find their lives radically changed in Vietnam by a war that they find difficult to understand or support BETTER TIMES THAN THESE by Winston Groom Kirkus Reviews An ambitious war novel Vietnam, that has its moments but misses in both large and small ways, mainly by being walleyed The story begins with Bravo Company, Fourth Battalion, Seventh Cavalry embarking from the States and heading across the Pacific for the Far East This long foreword word usage Better then vs better than English Language Better then vs better than closed Ask Question Active years, months ago Viewed k times I frequently use then where I might should use than For example My previous question was self titled hope I am on the right track now Then is better used than than both when and then word usage share improve this question edited Daniel In every matter of wisdom and understanding Daniel SUM PIC XRF In every matter of wisdom and insight the king asked them about, he found them to be ten times better than any of the magicians and astrologers that were in his entire empire New Heart English Bible In every matter of wisdom and understanding, concerning which the king inquired of them, he found them ten times differences X times as many as or X times than X times as many as or X times than The farmers of those alienated duties plundered the people of four times than their demand amounted to and when at length the general depredation obliged Henry IV, to give the intire administration of the finances to the duke de Sully,

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    1. Winston Groom

      Winston Groom is an American novelist and non fiction writer, best known for his book Forrest Gump, which was adapted into a film in 1994 Groom was born in Washington, D.C but grew up in Mobile, Alabama where he attended University Military School now known as UMS Wright Preparatory School He attended the University of Alabama, where he was a member of Delta Tau Delta and the Army ROTC, and graduated in 1965 He served in the Army from 1965 to 1969, including a tour in Vietnam Groom devotes his time to writing history books about American wars Recently he has lived in Point Clear, Alabama, and Long Island, New York.

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    1. I have read several historical fiction accounts of the Vietnam War and several supposedly actual historical books on the subject My favorites previous to Better Times Than These The Things They Carried by Tim O Brien and Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes This being a first book by Groom, I wasn t expecting much even though I knew he was a Vietnam Vet Boy was I ever surprised If you are willing to read this book, you might be able understand a little of the the mood and emotions the Vietnam War had on [...]

    2. Great book Probably not 100% realistic but of course most books aren t The fact that the author Groom actually did serve in Vietnam make the book alot believable though Keep in mind also this book was only written some 10 years after the high point of the Vietnam war so for being an early work of fiction Id say its a damn good example of a the beginning of a great author I recommend this books towards the end it gets to the point where you do not what to put it down Enjoy

    3. This is the debut novel by Winston Groom, best known for writing Forrest Gump Groom served a tour as an infantry officer in Vietnam, so presumably he knows whereof he speaks The novel focuses mainly on the officers of a battalion of the Seventh Cavalry, following them from stateside to the Ia Drang valley, where things do not go well This is a fictionalized unit in a fictionalized Ia Drang campaign, not the real life Ia Drang battle depicted in We Were Soldiers.It s character study than stirrin [...]

    4. Being a post Vietnam era Infantryman, and I mean just after Vietnam when there were of them and fewer like me, I found it easy to relate to the characters in the book as they are so much like the veterans with whom I served and from whom I learned so much That meant, also, that I could really relate to the pain and the emotions of that era It is not necessarily a pleasant book, but I put it down with a feeling of empathy for the characters and for their real life counterparts That made it a wor [...]

    5. This book should be required reading for policy makers considering sending young men and women into harm s way Groom s descriptions of days long battles and of the daily struggles of an occupying army emphasize the dehumanizing effects of war He shares his hard earned insights in a compelling story featuring several players that are, one knows from the outset, likely to die before the tale is told This was a great book I did not know until I saw the cover of the edition on this site that Groom w [...]

    6. After reading Forrest Gump, I wanted to read another book by Winston Groom This book is a very good fictional depiction of the war in Vietnam from the soldiers perspective Anyone having a desire to understand how the war affected the American soldier will enjoy this read.

    7. The book is entertaining enough to keep you turning pages It s a quick read because of the, relatively, simple language.An interesting perspective from an officer, if you can stand an officer s perspective.

    8. The best book about the war in Vietnam that I have read Groom does an excellent job depicting the life of a solider from the time he is transported to serving Eye opening at times, sordid, wretched, and deeply profound A must read for readers who desire to have their perception educated.

    9. I thought the character development and plot development in this book were phenomenal My only issue was that I felt the end was rather abrupt However, I still think that Winston Groom is an amazing writer and I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I ve read of his.

    10. Groom is a natural storyteller and his experiences in Vietnam surely helped bring about a realistic interpretation of fictional events in this novel This should have been a movie before FG.

    11. This book is so well written, it was really worth the effort At times I found myself wondering what possessed me to read a book about the war in Vietnam, but in the end I am so glad I did.

    12. A very thorough and moving portrait of what it must have been like to serve in vietnam I shall be thinking about it for quite some time.

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