Strawberry % Against all odds Junpei starts dating the most gorgeous girl in school Tsukasa believing that she is the mysterious beauty But could his strawberry muse actually be a bookworm named Aya Soon a tens

  • Title: Strawberry 100% 1
  • Author: Mizuki Kawashita Mizuki Kawashita
  • ISBN: 9781421513713
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • Against all odds, Junpei starts dating the most gorgeous girl in school, Tsukasa, believing that she is the mysterious beauty But could his strawberry muse actually be a bookworm named Aya Soon a tense love triangle forms between the beauty, the boy and the geek

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      Mizuki Kawashita Mizuki Kawashita

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    1. Mizuki Kawashita Mizuki Kawashita

      Japanese Name Mizuki Kawashita is a female Japanese manga artist, best known for her work Strawberry 100% During the early part of her career, she wrote and illustrated under the pen name Mikan Momokuri Momokuri Mikan Her first public work was a doujinshi called Innocent in 1993 Kawashita s longest running manga series, Strawberry 100%, was adapted into a thirteen episode anime television series which premiered in Japan during 2005 and spawned five original video animation spin offs One of her recent manga series, Hatsukoi Limited, was adapted into a twelve episode anime television series which ran in 2009 Other works by Mizuki Kawashita include Lilim Kiss, Akane chan overdrive and Ane Doki.

    636 thoughts on “Strawberry 100% 1”

    1. I like Kawashita s drawing and that s about it Someone told me this series starts to get good at volume 3 and it could be true because volume 1 wasn t that good, sadly I m not about to find out because 200 pages should be enough to display some sort of hook and I didn t see that What I saw was the settings of a very romantic love triangle square, pentagone shonen, like a cheap Katsura with playfull and pop fan service from what I can see it turns into Love Hina further on Every clich and not a [...]

    2. Strawberry 100% was about a boy who wanted to be a movie maker He eventually goes up to the roof of his middle school to find a beautiful girl wearing strawberry panties He falls in love with her instantly but didn t catch her name because she ran away Luckily for the main character, she left her notebook behind When he returns the notebook, it seems that the owner wasn t the beauty he saw it belonged to a 4 eyed girl So, the main character thought it was the prettiest girl in school and asked h [...]

    3. Una de las premisas m s idiotas del mundo de los mangas rom nticos da pie a una de las series m s divertidas del g nero S , ya sabemos que ninguna chica empieza a salir con un chico por que ese haga barra, pero las consecuencias son desternillantes.

    4. This series is a guilty pleasure of mine I don t think America ever really released much in the way of a story whose main plot is an awkward romance for guys Japan leans the opposite direction, and there s plenty of wish fulfillment goodness Is this series great Nah It doesn t do a whole lot different from the rest of the genre Has a little heart, a little passion, maybe, but it s still incredibly archetypal The art is unique but not great, there s a little too much reliance on physical gags B [...]

    5. Manaka si innamora di una ragazza dalle mutandine a fragole che gli cade dal cielo mentre sta uscendo sulla terrazza della scuola La ragazza fugge via e dimentica il quaderno di matematica che viene recuperato da Manaka e scopre, leggendolo, che si tratta invece di appunti per un romanzo Manaka si innamora di questa misteriosa ragazza e cerca in tutti i modi di riconoscerla a scuola, senza successo Fino a che i suoi amici Komiyama e Okusa pensano che la ragazza dei suoi sogni possa essere certam [...]

    6. I didn t think I d like this manga as I m not big into harem manga But I bought it anyway It s got a cute story and I m curious to see how it goes I do think Junpei is sort of stupid, because how can he not see that Aya is the girl with the strawberry panties I mean they look exactly the same Also I liked the little baby pictures of Aya and Tsukasa Also it s very fanservicey with the showing of the panties, but I m not complaining XDThe art is sort of so so though for me, I was bit put off by so [...]

    7. Well I just finish the total 167 chapters of this manga Overall, I think this manga is really awesome, it leave a great memory within me after I finish it Awesome story about love, dream, and most of all, wonderful memory about school life Even though the ending did really put an end to this series already however, I hope that the creator would make a second series to it though or at least a short story that take place after the ending.

    8. Este tomo padece el mal de otros tantos del g nero arranca muy pero muy tonto y la serie tarda bastante en ponerse interesante El dibujo es bastante bonito pero todav a est lejos del nivel que alcanzar a despu s Por todo eso, este tomo no bast para engancharme en su momento pero tuvo la suficiente gracia como para que retomara la serie despu s, primero por curiosidad y despu s por obligaci n y curiosamente, me gust m s cuando la segu por obligaci n que por curiosidad.

    9. I liked the art, but I thought the story was super boring I like that it wasn t a story just about hunting down the girl with strawberry panties because she was pretty, but because he wanted to do something artistic with it Yeah, it was also about the pants, but there was a teeny bit to the story.I thought the characters were kind of boring and I didn t like how they reacted to situations This wasn t the manga for me and I won t be continuing on with the story.

    10. A fairly average manga that doesn t really do anything unique or exciting It s entertaining enough, but there s really nothing special to get hooked on There are a few parts of the story that manage to capture the essence of high school angst quite well, but the little moments of insight aren t really enough to raise the bar.

    11. It was alright I read the whole series but I didn t particularly care about completing it except for the sake of finishing it I didn t find it to be funny and I kinda disliked Junpei a little I don t foresee reading this one again.

    12. It was a really bad book DON T READ IT BAD BOOK WORST BOOK EVER BAD BOOK DON T READ IT I found it at a store and thought that it looked good but it wasn t I read and have never touched it since In fact I m throwing it away.

    13. The artwork if the best part of this book Story suck, way too over dramatic The art was good enough to get me to buy the second one though.

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