Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers Tra la laaa Captain Underpants is back in an all new epic adventure that s the zaniest funniest outrageousest and time travelingiest yet When we last saw our heroes George and Harold they were un

  • Title: Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers
  • Author: Dav Pilkey
  • ISBN: 9780545175340
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tra la laaa Captain Underpants is back in an all new epic adventure that s the zaniest, funniest, outrageousest, and time travelingiest yet When we last saw our heroes, George and Harold, they were under arrest and headed for prison Then Harold foolishly uttered the fateful words What could be worse than going to jail for the rest of our lives and changed the course oTra la laaa Captain Underpants is back in an all new epic adventure that s the zaniest, funniest, outrageousest, and time travelingiest yet When we last saw our heroes, George and Harold, they were under arrest and headed for prison Then Harold foolishly uttered the fateful words What could be worse than going to jail for the rest of our lives and changed the course of human history.In this ninth epic novel, Dav Pilkey takes readers back in time to the carefree days of kindergarten, when the worst thing George and Harold had to face was NOT evil mad scientists or alien cafeteria ladies but a sixth grade bully named Kipper Krupp, the nephew of their clueless school principal And because George and Harold don t actually invent Captain Underpants until fourth grade, the two clever kindergartners are on their own using their brains to beat the bully.Hold on to your UNDERPANTS the Captain is back

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    1. Dav Pilkey

      David Dav Pilkey b March 4, 1966 , is a popular children s author and artist Pilkey is best known as the author and illustrator of the Captain Underpants book series He lives near Seattle, Washington with his wife, Sayuri.

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    1. Tra la laaaaaaaaaaaa Captain Underpants returns, and he s bigger than ever, with this oh so epic installment cracking the 300 page threshold My heart sang when I saw it on the shelf at the store my boys cackled with glee when I brought it home Even my wife smiled, somewhat begrudgingly And, never fear, Pilkey Brand flip o rama action also found in Ricky Rocatta s Giant Robot returns, which, of course, as George and Harold warn, is intended for those of us who aren t very mature because they cont [...]

    2. The thing that makes Captain Underpants so brilliant, so funny, and so popular with so many readers is not just the potty humor, names like Warden Schmorden and Director Schmector, and paragraphs like MY NAME IS NOT PROFESSOR POOPYPANTS screamed the angry villain That was a ridiculous name So I changed it to Tippy Tinkletrousers It s not just the interactive, patented FLIP O RAMA pages where the action scenes come to life It s not just that the books often include comics by protagonists George a [...]

    3. I usually enjoy Captain Underpants They re predictable, but they have that clever self awareness I was really uncomfortable with the gender stuff going on in this one When our heroes get even with the bullies, they put dresses, dolls, and friendship bracelets in their lockers and they send text messages allegedly from the bullies about tea parties and such I don t like insulting boys by implying they re girls or girlish.

    4. Surprisingly good Once I realized he started publishing again, I was both excited and worried, expecting of the same Most of the books have followed a very similar and repetitive story pattern While this one has a bit of that, for familiarity, it very quickly expands the story style in its own fun way.In particular, I worried about how this book includes a past villian, I was worried it would be a repetitive retread with no new ideas Luckily, I was wrong While I don t fully remember what happen [...]

    5. The first Captain Underpants in years and years The beginning is rather slow and boring uh oh and I began to fear that this would turn out to be Captain Underpants contractual obligation album Hang in there, dear readers Once we go back in time and George and Harold take over the story line, phew Laffs Action Fans of the series will be rewarded I even laughed OUT LOUD in chapter 32.

    6. I enjoyed this book because I like captain underpants books I also enjoyed this book because I liked the part when captain underpants kept dodging Tippy Tinkletrousers freeze rays.

    7. This review was originally posted on my blog lilcornerofjoyMy children discovered Dav Pilkey s Captain Underpants books when my son was in second grade Cuddling together on the sofa, I read the stories to the kids, complete with vocal effects I often found myself laughing out loud at Pilkey s subtle expressions of humor and getting surprised glares from the kids They got the potty jokes, the superhero flying about in his underwear battling lunch ladies and purple potties I enjoyed the chapter h [...]

    8. Do you like time travel After you read this book you will change you change your mind This book about captain underpants is a fantasy book In my opinion this book is really great to read People who are bored should read this book because it is both funny and interesting.In the beginning of this book the 2 main characters George and Harold were running from one of their villains Tippy TinkleTrousers from the events of the last book He was not supposed to be there he actually traveled from to the [...]

    9. Captain Underpants, book 9.Thanks to a time machine built by Tippy Tinkletrousers aka Professor Poopypants , we travel back in time to before Harold and George met and discover how they became friends, and, well, see the end of the world It s the last bookuntil the last book comes out Another silly, smarter than it seems installment in the hilarious Captain Underpants series Highly recommended to kids of all ages.

    10. This book is about two boys, Harold and George, who are chased by a time travelling, old foe The story goes back to their childhood They were pranksters with lots of time on their hands.I picked this book up because I loved reading the series as a child and I thought I should continue the series.I finished the book because the story was so compelling.I would recommend this book to Clark because he needs to learn how to prank.

    11. Captain Underpants is one of those books that I never thought I d enjoy Geez was I totally wrong An adult wearing his underwear and fighting crime, amazing.This one we travel back in time before Harold and George became best friends and took down a school full of bullies But changing the past will definitely alter the future Is this really the end of tr la laaa

    12. This is all time hands down best series of books ever This is my favorite because George and Harold talk about how they were as kids They would mix letters on a sign so it said something funny stuff like that I love the flip a rama It is so cool when you turn the pages fast so it looks animated You should read this book It is the best.

    13. This book was hilarious Almost every page made me laugh It s about boys being bullied ,the boys names were George and Harold ,So they pulled pranks on the bullies But somebody goes back in time and changes the future

    14. Action Pranks Laffs I was introduced to my first Captain Underpants book sometime around the time I was eight years old And after having aged by nearly thirteen years, the latest in the series still manages to put a smile to my face.

    15. Real Rating 4.5This book picks up where the last book has left off George and Harold are being arrested for the crimes that their evil counterparts did before returning to their own time It is then that Professor Tippy Tinkletrousers aka Professor Poopypants appears in a giant trousers robot He chases after the boys.It is then we get a small interlude explaining the Banana Cream Pie Paradox.The story returns where Tippy Tinkletrousers did not return and the kids are taken to Juvie The police als [...]

    16. This was the origins story of the two amazing heroes, Harold Hutchins, and George Beard The story was very different from the other books in the series This story explains how George, and Harold became friends It also explains how they started to use there unique creativity to start working together as buddies, and write comic books for the first time It brought George, and Harold to a dangerous task together during kindergarten They were both working together on a dangerous task to take down th [...]

    17. The Kiddo and I read the first volume of this series and skipped directly to this one the ninth , which was probably not the best way to approach this This book relies fairly heavily on what has come earlier in the series to set things up.Also, there is time travel involved Complete with full on time travel paradoxes that would make the X Men universe proud On top of that, this book serves as an origin story for George and Harold.And finally, the ending is pretty wild That s all I m going to say [...]

    18. I loved this book because there was a lot time travel This book would be perfect for 4th and 5th graders who enjoy diary of a wimpy kid or middle school In this book you see what it is like if time travel was real Young George and Harold are in kindergarten and have to deal with bullies that give major wedgies, take lunch money, and eat all the food and worst of all the bullies uncle is the worst principal ever Mr.Krupp There is only one way to stop the bullies and that is to pull the biggest pr [...]

    19. This is the ninth book in the Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey.The book starts with a summary of the story so far it introduces the main characters, George Beard and Harold Hutchins, as well explaining who Captain Underpants is, and how he came by his Superpowers Mr Krupp is the Head teacher at George and Harold s school you discover that George and Harold like to pull pranks which upsets the staff and the very serious, very boring Mr Krupp One day George and Harold hypnotise Mr Krupp int [...]

    20. What was this It started out with Tippy Trousers revenge, then went into complete backstory It showed how George and Harold became friends and got into writing comics, but is confusing overall as the book completely goes into left field with this turn At least until the main bad guy is finally remembered just before a violently gory outcome And this is a kid s book I won t mention the sexist ness of this one, as I ll just be censored.

    21. There s a lot of unfortunate sexism in this story It s a shame because the early Captain Underpants stories were so wonderful The bullies are humiliated and bested by comparing them to girls the shame of playing with dolls and weaing a dress And as in all the other stories, there are one again zero female characters Like many reviewers, I agree that CU is a fantastic series for young boys they deserve better than this portrayal of women.

    22. I feel like this was the most mean spirited book of the series And most of it was dealing with a Bully using a relative in a position of authority to get away with murder, basically I m used to these books being light hearted or whimsical but this really pulled no punches especially with THAT ENDING I can appreciate a kids book being dark but DAYUM

    23. Go back to when our pesky sidekicks Gorge and Harold just met and how they outsmart Kipper Krupp with there devilish plans Will they destroy bullying once and for all or will there plots make it worse than ever

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