Talons of the Hawk A mysterious love pendant turns a romantic Mexican holiday into a fiesta of horror

  • Title: Talons of the Hawk
  • Author: Jeanne Hines
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 196
  • Format: None
  • A mysterious love pendant turns a romantic Mexican holiday into a fiesta of horror

    • [E-Book] ☆ Talons of the Hawk | by ✓ Jeanne Hines
      Jeanne Hines

    About "Jeanne Hines"

    1. Jeanne Hines

      Jeanne Hines was born on 1922 in West Virginia, USA She grew up in a very traditional atmosphere, but she wanted My family thought I d be just like everybody else, get married and stop, says she I m a real character I m not really like anybody I know Jeanne worked as a reporter and fashion magazine illustrator, later she started to wrote gothic novels from 1973 to 1977, until, like other gothic author had to change to the emerging popular romance genre under the pseudonym Valerie Sherwood, and also as Rosamond Royal She became a popular romance author of five chunky bestselling historicals, including Bold Breathless Love, Her Shining Splendor and This Loving Torment six weeks on the New York Times paperback best seller list I write in great creative bursts not every day, she trills inspiration strikes in short bursts of ten or twenty pages or through the night till the dawn comes up with such formidable force that she is forever wearing through her typewriter keys Further, she doesn t believe writers who boast in public that they toil daily in disciplined routines, she says I think it has something to do with their taxes She won the Romantic Times 1987 1988 Career Achievement Award in the category of historical adventure.When the today published author Chris Marie Green aka Crystal Green , was 19, she wrote a fan letter to Jeanne, who answered her gushing missive and inspired Chris to write her first romance.Married, she and her husband bounce among their five East Coast homes but spend most of their time in a fusty Charlotte N.C ranch style house, surrounded by 11,000 research volumes among them a sizable collection on witchcraft , oodles of never worn dress up clothes and six cats, who have a suite all to themselves.

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    1. I first read this book in fourth grade, and despite the lurid looking cover, I can say that it s totally appropriate for a fourth grader I ve read it many times since then, because it is just that good Yes, it s a throwaway contemporary gothic romance from the 1970s but I m glad I never threw it away The characters still ring true Kerry is a fantastic heroine who is independent and never puts herself in danger stupidly Omaha is fascinating and believable and well I can t discuss the men in the s [...]

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