Pepe The year is We have people living on Mars but haven t sorted out life on earth yet To the boy washing windscreens at the traffic signal it could just as well be The boy is Pepe He doesn t

  • Title: Pepe
  • Author: Robby Charters
  • ISBN: 9781461073550
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 2020 We have people living on Mars, but haven t sorted out life on earth yet To the boy washing windscreens at the traffic signal, it could just as well be 1920.The boy is Pepe He doesn t know who his real parents are His grandma dies in a slum fire, and he is left to fend for himself and his grandma s biological granddaughter, Po, whom he treats like a rThe year is 2020 We have people living on Mars, but haven t sorted out life on earth yet To the boy washing windscreens at the traffic signal, it could just as well be 1920.The boy is Pepe He doesn t know who his real parents are His grandma dies in a slum fire, and he is left to fend for himself and his grandma s biological granddaughter, Po, whom he treats like a real sister They live in an abandoned construction site with other homeless children With help from a young computer hacker named Raul and a mystical old man named Atsuko, Pepe discovers his true identity.The villain General Don Juan Clemente, who seized power from the king ten years ago, and installed himself as president for life The General has a degenerative disease that is paralysing him However, his brain has been linked to a computer network that enables him to control the country and destroy any threat to his power Right now, his biggest threat is the very existence of Pepe.

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      I presently live in Belfast with my family That s where my dad was from, and where I have family connections Most of my life was spent in Thailand, where I was born, and where my wife is from I ve done a number of things in my life, including charity work, training and mentoring, teaching English, telemarketing don t hit me , working with homeless children, and, of course, writing In three of my books you ll find a character named Boz That s me Oh, and I also do freelance book design Just Google Robby Charters to find me, or go to my website RobbyCharters.

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    1. I didn t quite know what to expect when I started reading this book The title suggested a quirky tale designed for a young adult audience, and in this regard I got exactly that All the ingredients are here for those that fall within the target age to have a highly enjoyable time.For me, however, I found it a little too simplistic for my taste I liked the slums described in the book, I thought they were very easy to picture because of the writers great descriptive abilities The same goes for the [...]

    2. Overview Pepe is a story that wonderfully juxtaposes poverty in the slums, forces of tyranny and finding a sense of purpose in a way that is accessible for a young reader It cleverly infuses classic sci fi elements advanced technology, robotics and cyberspace , dystopian real world fantasy via the fictional country of Cardovia, mysticism and power struggles calling to mind Macbeth King Arthur Pepe dares to ask deep questions, about the search for Truth and the willingness to make sacrifices in o [...]

    3. Young Adult fiction is usually not my bag, and the constant revisions to Pepe over the years raised a few red flags, but, that said, I found myself drawn into the world of Pepe in a way I obviously didn t expect Robby Charters set up a believably dystopian world, where the Haves have it all and the Have Nots are stuck cleaning windshields so they don t starve.Set in the country of Cardovia in the 2040s or so, the story follows two young boys Pepe and Raul as they uncover hidden conspiracies and [...]

    4. A lot of what I d say about PEPE has already been said I was really hooked by the beginning of the book the unsparing treatment of poverty in the midst of technological prosperity was really appealing, and Cardovia seemed on track to be a well developed fictional realm But the narrative didn t quite cash out this sense of possibility Having started out squarely in the territory of Paolo Bacigalupi and Bruce Sterling, it seemed determined to end up somewhere else, though it never quite settled on [...]

    5. The year is 2032 in Cardovia, a Southern European country on the Mediterranean Sea Cardovians have French Spanish Slavic culture and a shaky, new republic ruled by an iron fisted cyborg tyrant The rich enjoy a high tech life while the poor get slums until those slums are wanted for development and burned to the ground Blond, blue eyed Pepe and his foster sister Po end up on the streets, but they re not alone Watched over by an enigmatic, Japanese man named Atsuko, the children are introduced to [...]

    6. There are a lot of things to like about Charters book Pepe The story is interesting and takes place in a future world, focusing on a small fictional European country and a young man who rises from the slums to national leadership Young adults will enjoy the combination of a future vision of possible technology, along with the idea of young kids empowered to make a difference in a corrupt nation.Charters does a good job of describing a possible future scenario and simplifying the complexities of [...]

    7. I did not have any expectations going into reading Pepe Even , I wasn t sure what to expect, but I was surprised at how much the story grabbed me.Set in the near future in the fictional country of Cardovia, the story follows multiple characters as they try to survive in a society where a dictatorship has recently emerged The story was action packed, the characters were unique, and there was a surprising amount of complexity to the society given the fact that the novel itself is not long.I felt t [...]

    8. I ve gotta tell you, this ebook was far engrossing than I dreamed it would be The technology in Pepe is a bit advanced than our current technology but not by much only a hair s breadth, actually It s very believable that we could see these advances in the near future.Magnetically controlled, floating train Very believable Neural interfaces that can read a person s thoughts and convey them to others Yep Small, ard robots equipped with heavy weaponry Heck, There are drones out there, already rig [...]

    9. Think Prince and the Pauper, rags to riches, Harry Potter under the stairs, and add just the tiniest touch of C.S Lewis perhaps Make the protagonist a very normal boy with a very excellent desire to protect his younger sister Lose his family, destroy his home, and set him free in a world of street kids begging, rich businessmen with the world s best technology to hand, and a curious stranger who just happens to be where he s needed well some of the time Then plot to have your cool protagonist ki [...]

    10. The start of Pepe held such promise Charters set a scene and laid the path of a little boy in a deeply unstable world He lives in the very dangerous Dockyard District with his sister Po and once their Grandmother disappears, the pair is on their own In Pepe s world there are really no questions to be asked Survival is the primary focus A strange old man saves him from a miserable situation and says that Pepe should come to him if he s ever in trouble As the story progressed there seemed to be a [...]

    11. Pepe was an action packed ride that I enjoyed from start to finish Mr Charters has a way of creating a near future in exquisite detail, and I felt like that really made the story Pepe himself was a really well developed character, and the others were reasonably so AlthoughI would have liked to learn about a few of them, it didn t take away from the awesome story I think this book will definitely appeal to the younger teen crowd, and I always like finding books I can recommend to young teen boys [...]

    12. Odd title and an odd cover, for what proved to be a surprisingly entertaining read A classic twist on a chosen one rags to riches premise set in the near future 2040 in a fictional Mediterranean country that has been a republic for ten years This is a curious mix of scifi with a touch of magic and mysticism which didn t always work as people went from murders to good guys almost in a blink of an eye.Pepe s life in the slum was perhaps the most interesting part, but it didn t take very long to wo [...]

    13. Pepe is that young kid you find in many stories, unsure of his past and what his role in the world could be In Cardovia, life is hard for many under the heel of the current president or despot dictator, especially when you re a kid on the street Even the local mission to help you gets sacked because the archbishop of the church won t stand up to the president.The story has a good plot, but the flow at times was even It was a slow to begin some of the POVs threw me off The storyline was just star [...]

    14. Although Pepe homeless slum kid versus evil wired up presidentis meant for YA readers I enjoyed this futuristic fantasy from start to finish Full of interesting characters, it is well written and action packed Highly recommended.

    15. Well let s just say the book cover really detracts from the book Yeah it gives it a science fiction feel but doesn t do justice to the pure awesome in the pages.

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